Monday, January 18, 2016

Freezing cold and still SMILING!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Martin Luther King
Jr. Day :) I can't believe that we are at the end of another transfer!
Sister Wilkey got a training call which means we won't be together
anymore. I find out what will happen tomorrow! I can't wait to hear!
It's also way cold now. We got snow on the ground! :) but yeah, I'm
ready for spring!!

Last Monday, both of our appointments cancelled and we were praying
about to know where we should go. There was a potential investigator
we both felt like we should go see, so we drove over there. She didn't
live there anymore but a couple named James and Sivita live there and
they let us in! They were telling us they have been baptized in like
three different churches and they really didn't know what was true and
which church had the truth. We told them that a man named Joseph Smith
had the same questions! We talked about the restoration and they are
really interested!

We had another lesson with them as well, but it didn't go too well.
All is well. We are hoping to meet with them soon. They said they have
been reading the Book of Mormon so that's good!! I'm so grateful for
the spirit that is able to guide us to where Heavenly Father needs us.

We also met with a new investigator named Bonita. We watched meet the
Mormons! We don't know if she is super interested, but she did cry
after the movie! She has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. We are
praying she will become more and more interested. We gave her a Book
of Mormon and hope she is reading it!

We went to liberty jail with Austin! It was so awesome and he loved
it! Austin is so amazing and keeps growing! He keeps reading the Book
of Mormon and that's where all of his progression comes. The Book of
Mormon has amazing power!

We met with Amanda again! We role played with her to practice her
talking to her dad! It went well! We are praying that she will talk to
him soon since we can't do much until then :)

Last Sunday, President Nelson gave a devotional to the young adults of
the church...I read the talk yesterday and HOLY COW! It is amazing! I
invite all of you to read it! It's called Becoming True Millennials.
It's incredible that we are in the last days! We are in the eleventh
hour! His words were so powerful and the four suggestions he gives us
are so inspired. Especially the one about learning how to access the
powers of heaven. Read it!!!

Love you all so much! :)

One of our favorite couples-The Ah-Mu's!

Liberty Jail with Austin and the Thieme's!

Our district!

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