Monday, January 11, 2016

7 Months & Baptism!

Yesterday was SEVEN MONTHS!!! I have been out of the world for so long
and time is flying!!! I can't believe it! I never want to go home!

This week was SO AWESOME!  Austin got baptized!! He was beaming with
happiness! He bore his testimony and he talked about how after the
marines he was filled with anger and hate and he isn't filled with
that anymore. The atonement is so real!!! He had friends and family
there and they all went home with copies of the Book of Mormon :)

We found two new investigators this week, so we are hoping that we
will see progression from them! Church headquarter referrals are so
awesome!! One of them wasn't interested at all, she just wanted to
send some bibles to her sons, but we talked to her and she said that
she will come to the VC and watch meet the Mormons with us!

We had zone training this week which was AWESOME. Zone training is so
awesome, we always receive so much revelation! We were invited to read
a talk and an article about the language of prayer and it was so
inspired! The spirit told me that that's what I am supposed to focus
on right now. I invite you all to read both of them! It's a talk by
elder oaks in April 1993 conference and an article by don e norton in
the January 1976 ensign.

We met with brother and sister Peola again and that was awesome, once
again! They fed us dinner and we talked about the atonement and it was
so awesome! It was an awesome lesson. They said they would come to
church and they didn't come to our ward, but they went to their
daughter's ward! So that was awesome to hear!

The Book of Mormon is something that we have been focusing a lot on,
and my testimony has strengthened so much! I have seen the power of
the Book of Mormon in action. Austin progressed so quickly because he
was reading that book every single day! I know I feel the spirit every
single time I open it up and read it. I know that it is the word of
God and we have the fullness of the gospel through it! I have learned
so much about the atonement of Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon
and that no one is exempt from His love.

Well, love you all!!! Have a good week!

Austin's  baptism

Baptisms make us happy!

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