Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello! Week 7!!!!

Hello!! This morning I got to go to the temple, and it was such a wonderful experience. I love the temple so much! And the Kansas City temple is beautiful! We got to go with one of the senior couples here and it was so much fun. And it was so wonderful to just spend some time at peace in that special place. 

Last Tuesday after we were emailing, we went to this cute little outdoor mall in Kansas City with some other sisters that have Tuesday P-day. It was super cute and fun and we found a cute random piano that I had to take a picture with ;) 

I also went to my first addiction recovery class ever! Always a first for everything right? We went with our investigator, Dennis. He told us he smokes at least 2 packs a day, so we asked him to slowly decrease the number each day, and he was like "I can go down to 1 pack a day!" And we were like OKAY YEAH DO IT! Obviously. But then after the addiction recovery class, he went home and threw EVERYTHING away!!! He hasn't smoked since then! He cut cold turkey, and I am STILL amazed with him! He is making so much progress. We passed him off to the elders to finish teaching him, but we call him a lot to check in on how he is doing and he is so awesome. He is making so much progress and will probably be able to be baptized before any of us thought he would be able to! MIRACLES! 

Also last Tuesday, John texted us and said that he was pretty sure he received his answer and he was going to tell his family that he is going to be baptized!!! Seriously, so much good news! John is such a rock star, he texts us everyday asking more and more questions and telling us about his journey. We set a baptism date for him on August 15, but after priesthood on Sunday, he said they talked about the temple and he wants to get baptized even sooner so he can go to the temple even sooner! It's amazing how fast he is progressing and how blessed he is for all of his faith. Again...MIRACLES! 

On Wednesday night, at our key exchange meeting (all of the VC sisters meet there every night to sing hymns around the Christus and say a prayer together) Elder and Sister Glende told us that word around the street is that Elder Holland would be in town on Thursday and that he might come into the Visitors Center. So, OBVIOUSLY, all the sisters were freaking out!!! Sister Christiansen and I were on shift Thursday morning, and Elder and Sister Toronto (the Visitors Center directors) came in and told us that THEY WERE WITH ELDER HOLLAND AT LIBERTY JAIL! But that he wouldn't be coming here. Those Liberty sisters are SO lucky, they all got to meet Elder Holland! The Torontos said that they were across the street at the temple lot, so we all ran to the window and we all looked for him haha it was hilarious. He is like a celebrity. We got to see all of his family! Just not him haha. Bummer. But he was across the street from us ;) 

Dennis got a blessing from one of the senior elders here and there was one line in it that has been on my mind a lot this week. He said "Satan knows and understands Heavenly Father's plan". I have been thinking about that, because it is so true and it's why Satan is so successful and harming us. It's because he knows AND understands the plan of happiness, so he is going to do everything he can to stop that happiness from coming to us. 

COOL STORY! After I opened my mission call, my grandma send me a story about my great great great great grandpa, Richard Preator, who was the first branch president here in Independence. Sister Christiansen and I were looking at our ward directory, seeing who we should go visit, and I noticed a Preator. I asked my grandma if I am related to her, and she told me any Preators in Independence, I am related to! Her name is Peggy and she is less active so I knew we had to go over there! On Sunday we went and I prayed that this story of Richard Preator, one of our common ancestors, would touch her heart. As I prayed, I literally felt all of our ancestors around me. I love family history so much and there is so much power in it! The veil was so thin during that lesson. I could feel angels all around us! 

Yesterday, I had my true first tracting experience! What an experience that was. Especially in humidity! I was standing on a porch and I could feel sweat just drip down my back and I was so disgusted by it (You're welcome...I'm sure you wanted to picture that :) )... We got a new investigator though so that's awesome! Her name is Ciara and she is 14. We left her a Book of Mormon and I am excited to meet with her again. We also went to see these people that a family in our ward told us about - Brandy and Ray. They are part of a remnant branch... It's so confusing, but the remnant branch is a break off of the RLDS (now, the Community of Christ) church. There are so many break offs, it's crazy. They are a super sweet couple, but it's so hard to teach people that are Community of Christ or any restoration/remnant branches, because they basically believe all the same stuff! They read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and they know Joseph Smith is a prophet...It's super hard. But they are coming into the Visitor's Center so I am excited to see them again. 

Yesterday, a member of the Seventy came into the Visitors Center! Elder and Sister Echo Hawk. They were super sweet to all of us sisters, and genuinely got to know all of us. They told me all of their kids graduated from Centennial high so it was super cool to talk about home with them. Sister Christiansen got to take them on their tour, but we all sang to them at the Christus and it was so awesome. We sang How Great Thou Art (which so happens to be my favorite hymn) and the spirit was so strong, you could feel it. There is something about the general authorities that brings the spirit so much and I am so grateful I got to experience that! 

Thank you all for your never ending love and support!  I love you all so much!
Sister Mallory Moss

The VC sisters with Elder Echohawk and his wife
The cute piano at the outdoor mall in Kansas City
Kansas City Temple

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