Monday, June 22, 2015

It's only been 10 days?!!!!

I'm really not two months into the mission yet?! Haha, the MTC is awesome but the days are sooooo long! But it's so great to be here! There is so much to tell y'all! 
Last Monday after P-day was over, Sister Soto and I met our new investigator named Sierra. She is so cute! She is married to a member and they have a one year old son. After she had her son, she said that is when she really got interested in investigating the church. It was so neat to teach her. The spirit directed us to teach her about motherhood and she loved every word we said! 
Tuesday we had a member lesson over skype, and we skyped someone from Kansas City! It was so awesome, and we have to keep a look out for them when we get there. But there was a set of sisters that were skyping and they were skyping Emily (my cousin)!!! So I went over to say hi to her and Eli! It was so awesome to see them! Our Tuesday night devotional was given by Elder Evans, a member of the seventy. It was really inspiring. He talked about work and obedience and it made me want to better myself! He told us something that President Packer said: "Obedience is a powerful medicine. It comes close to a cure-all". I am learning that exact obedience brings miracles. 
Wednesday, I found a really really neat scripture that helped me that day. I was wondering how I could better focus on my purpose as a missionary and I came across D&C 64:33-34. All I have to do is offer a willing mind and heart and through small and simple things, the Lord will make these great things to come about in the lives of those I teach. I also noticed that Heavenly Father has really blessed me from being homesick. I prayed to Him, devoting these next 18 months to Him, and as I did I asked for relief from my homesickness, and I have truly felt the power He brings. I haven't really been that homesick at all (except yesterday,because I couldn't be with Dad for father's day). He truly blesses us when we need it! We had our second appointment with Sierra and we committed her to going to church! 
Thursday made me SO excited to enter the field! We had in-field orientation, learning about finding and other stuff like that. The thing I got the most out of it though was how useful members are in missionary work! Like holy cow, us as members can make a HUGE difference! I challenge y'all to really focus on how you can be a member missionary, because blessings will come your way :) The sisters and I also have been talking about our families and I realized how blessed I am with my family. Three of the six sisters come from a broken family and I never realized how much I took my family for granted. I am so grateful for eternal families! Sister Bentley got really really sick, so our district got together and the elders gave her a blessing. That moment was so powerful. I looked at these young men and thought to myself how powerful the priesthood really is and how grateful I am to be surrounded by these young men  who are worthy of it. There is nothing better than a worthy priesthood holder. Tonight was our last appointment with Sierra because she left for Mexico on Friday and wouldn't be back til after we left for Missouri. BUT!!! We committed her to baptism! The spirit was so strong and I know that her and her family is going to be blessed because of her choice. 
Friday we taught Jeremy about the Atonement. His biggest problem is he feels like he can't be forgiven so we really focused on this concern. But by the end he committed to repenting and we were so proud of him and excited to see the Atonement work in his life. I was also reading my patriarchal blessing and I noticed something that I had never noticed  before. It says: "You are chosen to help build up the Kingdom of God in the last days".... Like HOLY COW! Doesn't that like perfectly describe my mission?!?! It was really neat to find that.
Saturday I really began to feel insecure about my teaching. I don't know a whole lot about scriptures or the stories and a lot of people in my district are so knowledgeable about all of that stuff. But I went to church on Sunday with that question in mind of how I can be more confident and the spirit testified to me that it doesn't matter what I know, but that I have a testimony and that's all I need. We also committed Jeremy to baptism!! It was just a rockin' week for Sister Soto and I! 
Sundays are so awesome! My district did a musical number in sacrament meeting, the EFY Medley. (Thankfully I wasn't singing, I played hehe) The MTC changes the words to "We'll Bring the World His Truth" to say that 'we are NOW the army of Helaman' and 'we are NOW the Lord's missionaries'. I LOVE IT! It makes the song that much more personal and powerful. We had a departing devotional to get us ready to leave. then our sunday night devotional was given by Elder Littlefield, and the message was so awesome. There are people in Missouri specifically being prepared by the Lord for ME. I am the answer to their prayers and if I don't go and teach them then who will? I can't wait to find those people and bring them closer to Christ. 
This morning we did a session at the beautiful Provo temple. It was so awesome to do a session again. I love the temple!! 
God is good, people! Alma 26:16

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